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Leah Leach was “bitten” by the “mudbug” in a quest for artistic expression that included learning to play the piano at an early age, learning and performing Texas style fiddle music (on a fiddle her Grandfather pulled out of his barn that belonged to his Grandfather), creating acrylic and oil paintings, as well as becoming an accomplished seamstress. Leah at work

She answered an advertisement for a beginner’s ceramics class at the Ft. Worth Children’s Art Museum one day that featured hand building with one or two tries at the wheel. She was hooked immediately! After taking the class she’d gotten a taste but wanted more! She pulled out a Reader’s Digest Crafts book that had a diagram of a home made kick wheel. She persuaded her husband, Allan ,to build it for her. He watched proudly as she delved into her new love. She suffered an injury to her hand that caused a hiatus for more than a year, but after recovering her yearning was awakened by an even greater desire to throw.

She made a friend in John Logan, who owned Texas Pottery Supply. He guided her to her future mentor, teacher and friend... Mr. Ron Durham. Under his able tutelage, she blossomed into an accomplished potter. As his final lesson, he guided and helped her and Allan to build a first class gas kiln, where today she fires the work she completes in her own studio near Alvarado, Texas.Leah with her helpers

Although her pottery is mainly functional, she brings a creative and artistic beauty to her work that grows with every piece she makes.

She has finally found her niche and it shows in her quest for better design and a gusto for her craft that seems boundless.

While she still maintains her other artistic endeavors, her mainstay is, and always will be, “playing in the mud.”

She used to be Allan’s “Little Bunny,” but after hearing the kiln come to life for the first time, she became the “Roaring Rabbit.”

Leah still lives and works in the country on approximately 9 acres with her husband of 24 years, and her companions, Charlie, a Great Pyrenees and Sam, an Anatolian Shepherd with just a "pinch" of Great Pyrenees.

Roaring Rabbit Pottery
225 CR 318
Alvarado Texas